Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OSHO Dynamic Meditation at the A.R.E. center of NY!!!!

We are so excited for this new opening!
Join us and spread the word.
Ashni and Neerajan

OSHO Dynamic Meditation
Every Weekday Morning
October 5th-October 23rd

In a Safe Space we share this powerful method to start your day. During this hour long technique we use breath and body to release tension, stress and repressed emotions. This technique brings you back to your life energy by going through different blocks, that we call layers. Each layer that we face and peel away in this process starts to reveal the truth of who you really are. From this point you can begin to transform your daily life, bringing silence and celebration into any moment.

The technique consists of 5 stages: breathing, releasing, grounding, silence and celebration. Through these steps a joyous and relaxed balance is restored to body and mind and once the ground is prepared in this way meditation becomes easy and enjoyable. Dynamic Meditation is most effective when it is practiced in a 21 day format. For this month, for six days, we will dive deep into this technique. This revolutionary active meditation technique can transform your life.

New Location!!!!
A.R.E.Center of NY
241 West 30th Street, 2nd floor

Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive an introduction
Pre-registration is suggested by phone or email

If you are interested in participating

call (718)399-1428

or email meditationsource@earthlink.net

Thursday, September 10, 2009


If your awareness lacks love then it is still impure. It has not yet known one hundred percent purity. It is not yet really awareness. It must be mixed with unawareness. It is not pure light. There must be pockets of darkness inside you still working, functioning, influencing you, dominating you. If your love is without awareness, then it is not love yet. It must be something lower, something closer to lust than to prayer.

So let it be a criterion if you follow the path of awareness, let love be the criterion. When your awareness suddenly blooms into love, know perfectly well that awareness has happened, samadhi has been achieved. If you follow the path of love, then let awareness function as a criterion, as a touchstone. When suddenly, from nowhere, at the very center of your love. a flame of awareness starts arising, know perfectly well...rejoice! You have come home.