Sunday, July 20, 2008

Truly Dynamic Days

So much has been in motion these past weeks cycle and the process itself breaking and making patterns apparent and life with its hot hot days, filled with divine dancing, communing with the eternal mother within and without, meditating under prospect trees leaves and the laughter it has risen from the depths of my belly, cool winds caress my skin. I am alive

Monday, July 7, 2008

First Day of Dynamic


Today was the first day of Dynamic, I woke up at dawn and rode my bike over the bridge. As the world was waking I found myself feeling full of gratitude to be able to participate in this amazing process. We had a great group filled with new faces and old. I look forward to the cycles unfolding and revealing to me with more clarity my center and ways in which to access it

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dynamic Days are here Again

We begin a 21 day cycle of dynamic tomorrow, it is much neede for me in this moment. Perhaps you will join us!

An Ongoing 21 Day Active Meditation Process one hour, every day, every morning

July 7-July 27th

Weekdays 7.00-8.00AM

Weekends 7.30 - 8.30 AM

In a Safe Space we share this powerful method to start your day. During this hour long technique we use breath and body to release tension, stress and repressed emotions. This technique brings you back to your life energy by going through different blocks, that we call layers. Each layer that we face and peel away in this process starts to reveal the truth of who you really are. From this point you can begin to transform your daily life, bringing silence and celebration into any moment.

The technique consists of 5 stages: breathing, releasing, grounding, silence and celebration. Through these steps a joyous and relaxed balance is restored to body and mind and once the ground is prepared in this way meditation becomes easy and enjoyable. Dynamic Meditation is most effective when it is practiced in a 21 day format. This revolutionary active meditation technique can transform your life.

The New York Core Center
115 E 23rd St, 12th Floor (between Park & Lexington Ave)New York NY 10010
Subway 6 to 23rd St
Price for the 21 Day Program $ 130.-
Drop In Classes are welcome at $ 12.-
Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive an introduction
Pre-registration is required by phone or email 718 399 1428