Saturday, September 27, 2008


You are not filled with straw, you are filled with your own awareness.

You are not filled with furniture, cars, houses, money, and other nonsense.

You are just filled with your being, the sheer am-ness, the sheer existence.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

THe Beginning of a new cycle

The September cycle of Dynamic started off with a Deep exhale! Its time now, at least for me, to let go off all the heat that was built up during the summer and cool down and get clear. It has become clear to me lately that I am hungry. I am hungry, I have been eating raw for the past couple months and had dips back into the sugar bowl only realizing I was/am trying to fill something inside me that cant be done with sugar/ processed foods, other people, surfing the net or whatever distraction I may use to get away. I am hungry, I am hungry for freedom from all the conditions I have put upon myself up til now. I am going into this cycle knowing that the hunger may or may not be satisfied in one sitting ( one hour of Dynamic), but at least now I know what is going to fill me and am ready to change my diet:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Delve into OSHO Dynamic Meditation with Free Intro on the 22nd!

Introduction to Dynamic Meditation

September 22nd
If you are a
lover of OSHO, have read his books, listened to discourses and have yet to experience the essence of his teaching through meditation, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. On Monday we will be sharing a free intro class of Dynamic meditation. So wake up and get ready to start to shed the layers of doubt, fear and pain to reveal your true nature, one that is vibrant awake and full of love.

The Cycle Begins!

September 23rd-October

7.00AM-8.00AM Weekdays

The 21 day cycle of Dynamic meditation has been scientifically designed to create powerful shift within your life and day to day consciousness. Come and Drop in or experience the full 21 day cycle!

The New York Core Center
115 E 23rd St, 12th Floor (between Park & Lexington Ave)
New York NY 10010

Subway 6 to 23rd St
Price for the 21 Day Program 130.-
Drop In Classes are welcome at $ 12.-
Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive an introduction
Pre-registration is suggested by phone or email

Friday, September 19, 2008

Meditation from the Source at tri.murti. wellness open house!

Come out this weekend and visit the lovely tri murti Wellness and Yoga studio in Soho for a weekend filled with complimentary wellness services.

On Saturday the 20th we will be sharing OSHO Nataraj Meditation from 7:15-8:20pm as a part of our continued exploration of dance as healing and meditation. This will be the culmination of a day filled with wonderful services such as Restorative, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, breathwork and more!

Trimurti Wellness and Yoga
560 Broadway (corner of Prince street)


Monday, September 8, 2008

The Dance of Awareness

Unleashing the Inner Dance
September 12th

leavThis two hour multi-dimensional exploration of the body is for those who are interested in exploring and experiencing movement as a bridge to inner expansion and healing.

Every moment we are dancing
Each step, glance and hesitation is dance between ourselves and existence. In this workshop, we will work from the body inwards to explore each individuals relationship to the body and its rhythms through breath, dynamic movement, OSHO Active Meditation and energetic interaction.

Located at:
Tri-Murti Wellness and Yoga
560 Broadway at Prince street(in Dean and Deluca building) suite 406 (4th floor)
Subway:R/W to Prince Street

PRICE: $20

Be here and now, in this very moment, in a flame of awareness.

Your mind gives you a sort of stupor. Burdened by the memories of the past, burdened by the projections of the future, you go on living - at the minimum. You don't live at the maximum. Your flame remains very dim. Once you start dropping thoughts, the dust that you have collected in the past, the flame arises - clean, clear, alive, young. Your whole life becomes a flame, and a flame without any smoke. That is what awareness is.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Your daily life is your temple, and your religion. Act in awareness, act consciously, and many things will start changing.