Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am opening up...........

The source of our being lies in waiting for us to recognize it/ for our recognition. Living in society like we do, we have gathered or can gather alot of dusts upon us. In this gathering of dusts we forget how shiny/radiant we are and can be. Meditation clears away the dusts and Yoga polishes our being so that we may shine with all the brilliance, grace and strength that our spirit is accustomed to.
Meditation and Yoga are techniques that cultivate awareness. Awareness is a tool of empowerment. Since, once we become aware of something, this awareness gives us a choice. With this shift we move once step closer towards liberation, freedom. Opening up to a world of Infinite possibilities while standing in our power. With awareness we awaken o all the infinite possibilities available to us all. And thus we can shift from limiting patterns to a liberated existence.