Sunday, July 20, 2008

Truly Dynamic Days

So much has been in motion these past weeks cycle and the process itself breaking and making patterns apparent and life with its hot hot days, filled with divine dancing, communing with the eternal mother within and without, meditating under prospect trees leaves and the laughter it has risen from the depths of my belly, cool winds caress my skin. I am alive


Subhash Madhukar said...

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Kara said...

With Dynamic Meditation, I am steadfast on my path to freedom. My knees, which symbolize movement,ache. I accept the soreness with totality and keep moving. The universe has pointed all the fingers in the direction of meditation and I accept this with totality, as well. I let go. This morning--being still--another reminder...I AM NOT THE DOER. No need to obsess over what is right or wrong to do because I'm not doing it. I am free! With my eyes closed, I dance where the wave takes me. I am light. I am humble.


Prem Neerajan said...

July dynamic meditation cycle was full of intensity, many new beautiful people came to joy us in this process and we were very bliss. More I'm doing this and more I understand how is important to have a good group of people because more we are and more we can be supported and go deeper inside ourself. We are ready for a new cycle starting next week on monday, I hope to see new people and to see old friends of meditation. Do every morning dynamic can be an effort in the beginning, but after awhile it becomes a source of energy and presence. It's not a big price waking up early in the morning if you can get so much aliveness.

a lots of love Neerajan

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