Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Returning to the Source, Meditation Camp

We had an amazing camp this past Saturday. What a beautiful experience right here in the center of NYC, literally we were on 34th street. We started, of course, with Dynamic to clear away all the crap and help to ground us. We had a little break for breakfast, then Vipassana and other techniques throughout the day. I still feel the effects, very present and my mind is clear. Everything around me is smiling alive and vibrant. Again I am so grateful to be able to share thee techniques and am continually amazed at how things just grow and blossom on their own. Just committing each day for myself to meditate in some way, whehter it be through an hour long technique, or eating or walking down the streets, or listening to birds, music or a discourse, has a profound effect on my life. Life itself can be/is a beautful meditation, each moment a precious gift and I am infinitely grateful:)

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