Sunday, November 1, 2009


As far as the universal life is concerned, there cannot be a place where you can say "I have come and now there is nothing further."

It is inconceivable that you will find a place which will be the end and there will be a fence and a board saying, "Here ends the world." And even if you can find such a place, I would like you to jump the fence -- because there must be something beyond the fence. If the fence cannot just stand by itself, there must be something beyond it. Somebody is playing a joke by putting up a board -- "Here ends the world" -- and fixing a fence there. Don't be deceived.

You will come to many places where you would like to make your home -- because it is so blissful, so peaceful, you feel so fulfilled; you don't see the point... why should you continue?
But I say unless you continue, you will never know that there is much more. But if you stop, nobody is going to prevent you.

You need a master to go on goading you, to go on destroying every home you make, so finally you decide not to make any home -- it is better to be homeless under the sky and continue the journey.

If you can continue your pilgrimage with this sincerity -- that there is no home and there is no place you are going to, that just the going is in itself the beauty, the joy, the blissfulness, everything... the going itself -- then the second will also be true: that wherever you are, it is home.

But the second can be deceptive -- because people are very cunning, even cunning with themselves. They have misused all truths, they have managed to give them meanings which support their own ideas. If I say "Everywhere is home" then they will relax wherever they are, then there is no need.

So I say: There is no home, and the journey has to be continued. It has to be a dance. Take your guitars and go on, and never stop anywhere.

That does not mean that you cannot rest for a while. There are caravanserais but no homes -- stay over for the night, but in the morning we have to go.

This ongoing process is what life is.



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Natasha said...

Could you tell me what book this quote is from? I am writing my undergraduate thesis on Osho and I need a reference, but I really love this quote and want to use it. Thank you! Blessings!