Monday, February 22, 2010

Bright Lights, Big City

Returning back to the concrete jungle from the Brazilian Jungle, has me wondering what is reality and what is not. What I can see is that there are all these lights all around, really that come from within. Each person has this spark within, carries a certain magic with them here in NY an all over the world. I feel that somehow here even though we call it the big city of dreams our dreams dont have the space to be nurtured. We may get so busy planing and meeting and building and shopping that our dreams are up on that dusty top shelf. Well no longer! I am reaching up and dusting off that shelf and pulling my dreams out and bringing 'em down to be realized and I encourage us all to do the same. Lets really dream our dreams and use the bright lights of this city to illuminate them. We had an amazing gathering this past Saturday where we sat round in a circle and just shared our dreams/shared ourselves; what was so beautiful was that though we each said different things, I felt that all of our dreams were and are connected. I want to have more of these gatherings. Where we can share our dreams and come back and share how they are becoming a reality.....

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