Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Darkness and Dynamic

Well we had an amazing group for darkness on Saturday. This is one of my absolute favorite techniques to share because it is so simple, so beautiful and moves really deep. The gentle humming creates a harmony within and around us grounding us as we enter into the darkness. This time I felt the darkness was so thick. I really had to use all of my energy to enter into it. as usual the hour and twenty minutes went by pretty quickly. The group was energized afterwards and eager fr the next event. We are so grateful that we have the space in which to share this technique and a group invested in moving deeper with themselves

As for Dynamic we are in our last days and I feel the energy is bubbling. We have planned the next cycle to start on May 12 and more flowers to blossom within us from the clearing we have dome and the joy we have planted in ourselves through the process

Love Infinite
Meditation from the Source


Anonymous said...

This was a great experience. I LOVED just sitting there in awe at having my eyes wide open and just staring into darkness.

I look forward to the next one.

Meditation from the Source said...

Thanks for the comment.....The next darkness meditation is coming up in a couple weeks
see you there