Tuesday, September 23, 2008

THe Beginning of a new cycle

The September cycle of Dynamic started off with a Deep exhale! Its time now, at least for me, to let go off all the heat that was built up during the summer and cool down and get clear. It has become clear to me lately that I am hungry. I am hungry, I have been eating raw for the past couple months and had dips back into the sugar bowl only realizing I was/am trying to fill something inside me that cant be done with sugar/ processed foods, other people, surfing the net or whatever distraction I may use to get away. I am hungry, I am hungry for freedom from all the conditions I have put upon myself up til now. Yes....so I am going into this cycle knowing that the hunger may or may not be satisfied in one sitting ( one hour of Dynamic), but at least now I know what is going to fill me and am ready to change my diet:)

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