Monday, November 10, 2008

Natural Mystic

Wanted to share these words that came to me the day after the election:

I found myself in a strange mood last night; the day was beautiful sunny clear in a grounded space after meditation accomplished all I remembered to accomplish. But as the election drew to a close, and even as i stood inside the voting booth I found myself wondering "What am I voting for? What am I choosing?" I made my choice way before the election. I was aware, have been aware of/felt this shift taking place right now within myself and within the world. What I feel in this moment is that we should break on through this "American" wall and open ourselves to that which is beyond label, definition or even intellectual understanding. I was at class with the wonderful Nafisa on Monday and she said something that has been ringing through me ever since. She said something to the effect of " We must keep moving, all of us, in this moment we dont have the luxury of stopping. we must move forward and do so with tremendous joy, even if we may not know the path, walk it joyously" This election more than anything should make us aware of the power we have as individuals to make choices that sculpt our lives. Our choices create our reality. My fear is that this "election" will be used as a way to give people a glimpse of hope only to have them/us fall back to trusting an individual who is invested and deeply involved within a system that is not for the individual in the highest sense of the word but for the selfish interests of a few individuals belonging to a small scared and misguided population. There is so much I see that puzzles me that boggles and blows my mind. There is so much I dont know but am willing to learn. I am committed from here on out too cultivate awareness, love and compassion within my own being, so much that I am overflowing with this energy so that all who come into contact with me will see reflected in them the same light, unconditional love and compassion.

These are scary and very exciting times because it is now, it is now that we must wake up, we have no other choice but to wake up to this reality and to face the effects of our choices in sculpting it. Not in an esoteric sense but in a real concrete way, each breath, each step is a response and a catalyst and it is all happening here and now. . .. I am committed to be as total as I can in each moment

I am drifting to be uplifted by the infinite
No more sifting though to hoorah or boo
Simply accepting this existence and all it has to offer
my gaze gets softer
and I see and am seen


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Kiersten54 said...

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