Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long Time Coming

Whew! It has been way too long since our last post. But I am glad to be writing to you at this moment. I feel like what has been occurring in this moment has It has been a long way coming, for the past five years doing active meditation techniques in NYC has been like carefully tilling the soil and with patience and awareness gently planting, sowing and cultivating seeds of consciousness here. As a result the number of people we share with has grown along with the various types of individuals we share with from pre-teens to those with a bit more life experience:)

This past year in particular has been a time of really working to cultivate this awareness and joy in each moment and what a journey it has been! We started also n this past year to work with 718 design to develop a logo and some marketing materials. Because in the this year we intend to spread awareness through meditation and creativity inspired by meditation to as many people as we can reach. SO we will be working this year to make the techniques we share more visible and available. So if you know of anyone who has ever wanted to try meditation, or of spaces in which we may be able to share let us know.

Well we start of the new year with deep and chaotic exhales, consciously releasing the old and jumping into the new! Our Dynamic cycle started yesterday and we are over joyed to have a really strong and committed group of individuals right from the start!
Darkness Meditation has growing over the years and last month we had 15 people attend and enter into the formless with eyes wide open! so we will have another darkness meditation this month , continuing to embrace that within us all which is beyond definition.
Also a very special treat is that we will be offering a one day Meditation camp this month! In the camp we will share several active meditation techniques interspersed/interlaced with time for integration and Osho art of listening. Check out more details for all the events I have mentioned below.

As we enter into this new year it is a small reminder that we always have an opportunity to start again to start anew. Each Day, hour, minute moment of breath is fresh, is a clean slate for your soul to write upon. So I invite you to look at your life through this lens and know that we create our lives, through the choices we make in each moment. So let us make choices this year that will bring more love, light, peace, freedom and celebration into our lives.

Happy New you!
Ashni and Neerajan
Meditation from the Source

OSHO Dynamic Meditation

January 7th - January 27th
7.30-8.30 Weekends
This is the perfect ment to try this powerful technique, created by OSHO specifically to get rid of within for vitality. The technique consists of 5 stages: breathing, releasing, grounding, silence and celebration. Through these steps a joyous and relaxed balance is restored to body and mind and once the ground is prepared in this way meditation becomes easy and enjoyable. Dynamic Meditation is most effective when it is practiced in a 21 day format. This revolutionary active meditation technique can transform your life.
The New York Core Center
115 E 23rd St, 12th Floor (between Park & Lexington Ave)
New York NY 10010

Subway 6 to 23rd St

Price for the 21 Day Program $ 130.-

Drop In Classes are welcome at $ 12.-

Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive an introduction
Pre-registration issuggested by phone or email
If you are interested in participating call (718)399-1428
or email

Nourish YourSelf
OSHO Active Meditation Camp
January 31st, 2009

Back by popular Demand, an all day camp devoted to you! Relax, Relate, Release and Renew your body mind and spirit with others during this day. You will have the opportunity to experience a variety of OSHO Active Meditation techniques, audio discourse and other practices that will allow you to integrate celebration, silence and bliss filled awareness into your daily life. Join us for day dedicated to nourish your spirit. We will begin the day with an active technique that will allow you to release tension and ground you a space of silence and peace, from that clearing we will then continue the journey inward using Osho active meditations, journaling, and explorations of the arts to reconnect to a pure and creative space which exists within us all.

The Camp will be held at:
Actors Movement Studio

302 West 37th St , 6th Floor

Darkness Meditation
January 23rd 7-9pm
Living in NYC we are constantly surrounded by 
light, which is a form of subtle tension. When
one enters into darkness this tension can be released
and one is then open to experience deep relaxation
and unity within and outside of oneself.
This Meditation is based on the journey of the

Essenes into the forests to commune
with the divine in darkness. In Darkness we enter into a deeply

nourishing and relaxing space where we can come
into contact with ourselves and the divine. In a completely

lightproof room we will journey
into the darkness with eyes wide open.
"Just like the seed that starts its life in the darkness of the soil, or the child that starts its life in the darkness of the womb, all beginnings are in the dark,because darkness is one of the most essential things for anything to begin."

Meditation will take place at:

New York Core Center
115 E.23rd St, 12th floor NYC,NY

Price $15

Write to us for more details about events
Also check out our facebook group OSHONY



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