Thursday, January 15, 2009

The mystery

This moment is ripe with change, transformation, revelations, silent celebrations. Because of the "economic Crisis" many are now faced with a lot of free time. What happens now? Well for me at this moment not having as much work ( for money:) as I usually do has meant that my soul/spirit has a lot of time and space to do work. And has she been working! Full time nine to five, and I feel like there are many others who are moving into this space. Now more than ever I really feel like in this space anything could happen. Really living in this moment, I literally have no Idea what could happen in the next hour and am open to all the infinite possibilities out there.
It is a very refreshing and frightening all at once, I am really excited and really anxious and the two somehow cancel each other out, leaving me here, in this present moment. Feeling the keys beneath my fingers while typing, listening to the sirens outside, breathing.
I am jumping into this mystery, arms open to the sky.

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