Sunday, March 15, 2009

So as Spring begins to reveal itself, we move into a new time, new phase of relating to each other and the shifts around us. We also have been shifting from our normal meditation schedule, to create space for our artistic selves to dance a bit more. Neerajan journeyed to the beutiful jungkle in Brazil last month, while I held it down here in the NY jungle. Instead of our 21 day Dynamic cycle, we decided to do two six day intensive. One OSHO Dynamic and the other Chakra Breathing Intensive, we chose Chakra Breathing to share another powerful technique in the morningtime. From the first day I felt the power of this rather simple technique. Both Dynamic and Chakra Breathing utilize the breath to awaken the body, its cells, muscles and emotions exactly what we should be doing in the morning awakening our whole selves into a new moment. I had so much energy after each session, it was nice to experiment with this technique. As far as particpants or my expectation of what they turnout would be, as with most expectations was not met. The Dynamic intensive had more people joining each day as it went along, and the Chakra breathing attendance was low, but as they say quality not quantity. For both workshops the energy of the particpants was high and invested in every moment of their participation in the process. With that said, We will do a six day OSHO Dynamic Intensive starting this week. Woohoo!

This month we will offer a six day Intensive!

March 16th-21st

Weekdays 7.00-8.00AM

Saturday 7.30 - 8.30 AM

In a Safe Space we share this powerful method to start your day. During this hour long technique we use breath and body to release tension, stress and repressed emotions. This technique brings you back to your life energy by going through different blocks, that we call layers. Each layer that we face and peel away in this process starts to reveal the truth of who you really are. From this point you can begin to transform your daily life, bringing silence and celebration into any moment.

The New York Core Center
115 E 23rd St, 12th Floor (between Park & Lexington Ave)New York NY 10010
Subway 6 to 23rd St

Price for the 6 Day Program $ 60.-
Drop In Classes are welcome at $ 12.-
Please arrive 10 minutes early to receive an introduction
Pre-registration is suggested by phone or email

If you are interested in participating

call (718)399-1428

or email

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