Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The First Stage! (of Dynamic Meditation)

So the first step of the technique is just to create the opposite situation to what the society has created.
You have to breathe so deeply that the sex center is hit from within, and hit so forcibly that the energy is released from there.
The sex center can be hit in two ways. It can be hit from without. When you are attracted to the opposite sex, it is hit from without; then the energy moves outward. If you take a deep breath and hit the center from within, the energy moves within – the same energy. Sex is both. It can move out; it can move in. It can move down; it can move up. Both avenues are there. In one direction or another, the energy has to be released. An inner system exists in which sex energy can move: we have called it kundalini. Kundalini is nothing but sex energy moving within.

So for ten minutes you have to fight with civilization, through shallow breathing, chaotic breathing! This will do another thing also. It will release your body energy, your body electricity. This is what is known as bioelectricity. Once the bioelectricity is released in the body you can use it as a vehicle to go beyond – to go beyond the body. We are afraid of the body, so we don't allow it to be really alive. We have made it half dead. If it is half dead, it is controllable. If it is totally alive, it is not controllable.
We are afraid of it. The mind is always afraid, and afraid of only one thing: what will happen if the mind is not in control? The mind can control only a dead body or a half–dead body. If the body is fully alive, the mind becomes afraid. The energy is so much that the mind is thrown off.
These ten minutes of chaotic breathing will help your body energy to be released. Every cell of your body will become alive and dancing. And when these cells start dancing within, you will also have a feeling of dance yourself. Your whole body will start dancing and jumping. Allow it.
This is how one enters into the river of existence.
Osho: "The New Alchemy: To Turn You On"

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