Monday, May 26, 2008

Dancing with Darkness

Living in NYC we are exposed to so much and not till things are taken away do we notice the profound impact it has upon our lives. On Saturday we took our two hour journey into the darkness. Each time totally different and unexpected things pop up there. This time round things just were so simple. There in the darkness existing without body, words being pulled from the source and such silence. Surrounded by this silence and not in a scary way at all it was refreshing. You know what beyond words something shifted deep inside me and till this moment I can still feel it. People think of darkness with fear, but what I experienced nourished and freed me. I went out into the night open to what was there outside and more importantly inside of me. Able to tune into myself without tuning others out. I went to a rooftop barbecue and reveled in the miracle of sky, danced barefoot in kitchens and later on I danced into the day fueled by love and drum beats. All of this started in a darkness a small seed planted and nurtured with conscious choice and love again and again and again.

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