Monday, May 19, 2008

Dynamic and Darkness meditation

This month we cancel the dynamic cycle meditation. But I'm still meditate, I'm lucky enough to be able to do dynamic at my apartment end also I set up a small room where I can enjoy darkness meditation in the night time. I realized that I cannot weak up in the morning without doing one active meditation, my day is so alive if I do, if I don't it looks like I'm a sleeping walker, my energy is lower, and specially my presence is so different. I like when I feel ground, present, with more focus and a sparkling energy in my body. Doing darkness almost every night it's become my way to encounter who I am. If I feel sad or angry, or if I feel fear for something, what I'm doing is not avoid it but I'm going to stay there in the darkness and feel it, and breath inside whatever is there. My life become more simple, I'm enjoy every single moment and a start to learn to stay where I am, aloud whatsoever wants to come in my life to come. So I wish and I hope that you can come sometimes in our events where the more important thing is the meditation and how it can touch you, so that you too can start to celebrate your time in this life instead to fight with it.

Much playful time for everyone
Prem Neerajan

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